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I want to ease my tooth pain

Cavities and tooth decay can be a painful ordeal, book an appointment with one of our doctors to ease your pain and get your smile back on track

We can get tooth pain for a number of reasons, including wisdom teeth impaction, tooth decay and the mobilisation or movement of teeth. If you have any kind of tooth pain we recommend booking an appointment with us at All Smiles Dental Centre so we can get to the ‘root’ of the issue.

White Fillings for Cavities and Dental Decay

White fillings are the perfect solution for cavities and decay as not only do they protect and conceal the damaged part of the tooth, the filling is also colour-matched to the rest of your teeth so that no one will ever be able to tell you have had a filling.


In the case of more severe cavities or otherwise damaged teeth your dentist may recommend a crown. The original tooth will be filed down slightly to allow room for the crown to be placed on top. Once secure your tooth will be protected and you’ll be able to resume normal mouth functions and regain your perfect smile.

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