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07 5572 8872

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I want to find a dentist for my child

At All Smiles Dental Centre we employ only the friendliest staff who are passionate about children’s oral health as well as adult dental plans.

All of our dental professionals are experienced in treating children as well as adults. If you’re currently seeking a dentist and are wondering when the best time is to introduce your child to professional oral hygiene we recommend booking an appointment with us at All Smiles Dental Centre.

Founding a dentist-child relationship early can have various benefits:

  • Reduces risk of dental phobia (fear of the dentist)
  • Enforces an oral health regime at a young age
  • Creates trust between your dentist and your child
  • Ensures you child is comfortable during procedures and therefore not endangering themselves

Maintaining your child’s oral health

In order to ensure the best possible development of your child’s teeth make sure you are helping them brush their teeth twice a day and are also limiting the amount of sugary drinks they are consuming – including milk.

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