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07 5572 8872

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I want to get rid of my silver fillings

When you laugh do you feel self-conscious about flashing your silver fillings to your friends? If so you should consider swapping to white composite fillings.

A white filling or composite filling is a resin made to perfectly match the colour shade of your teeth. They are a wonderful solution to the old amalgam fillings which have found issues due to their high concentration of mercury and unappealing aesthetic. White fillings are a perfect cosmetic solution as they are completely unnoticeable and can also be used to conceal small chips.

We can swap your old amalgam fillings for white fillings, or administer white fillings when you first experience discomfort.

The benefits of white fillings:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Reduced sensitivity compared to amalgam fillings
  • Can be colour-matched to the exact shade and translucency of your natural tooth enamel
  • Does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes in the mouth

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