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Doctor’s Best Recommendation: Traditional Vs Lingual Braces

How would you feel if you don’t like the way your smile looks because of your teeth? Well, there is a dental solution to your problem. Braces are one of the best ways to treat and give better shape to your teeth permanently. With technology there have been many medical advances in the field of dentistry, resulting to which many different types of braces have been introduced depending on the patient’s need.

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A detailed overview of Traditional and Lingual Braces is given by our Dentists at Mermaid Waters with a view to provide accurate information and help to choose the best treatment for them.

Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces is what comes to one’s mind when people think about braces. They are made of metal bracket and these brackets are connected with the metal wire. They are fixated on the front part of your tooth. Over the years the size of the metal brackets has reduced as compared to earlier times. With technology, the process speed has increased and the pain in applying them has reduced.

They are the least expensive type of treatment and usually take 3-5 months which is lesser than lingual braces. They are considered to be mechanically superior because of their strong metal wiring. Normally, these braces require visits every 8-12 weeks. Regardless of their speed and strength, they are quite easily visible and some would feel embarrassed for the appearance they get from these kinds of braces.


Lingual Braces

For not everyone, it is comfortable to wear braces in their daily routine in a way that affects your smile. And so for all such people out there, the medical industry has come up with lingual braces that are fixated on the backside of your teeth making them invisible. The treatment is no different from that of traditional, except for the fact that each tooth requires its individual bracket as it is fixated at the back of your tooth, unlike metal brackets. This enables the invisibility feature of this treatment.

Each tooth is fixated individually with its own bracket making the application more strong. However they very costly as compared to normal braces and require a visit every 6-8 weeks. On applying these braces one might have to follow certain restriction in chewing certain food items. These types of braces take time to adjust in your mouth and you may face speech problem initially. Lingual braces are less efficient on the lower jaw and hence they are treated with regular braces.

Our dentists at Cosmetic Dentistry Gold Coast suggest that both traditional and lingual braces have its own advantages and disadvantages. And some part of the decision is based on how the patient prefers to look during his or her treatment and what is the likely budget of the person. The other part of the decision depends on the dentist that is decided by the type of treatment required for the person.

Hence, it is important to adhere to doctor’s recommendation for better results.

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