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Does Veneers Worth It?: The Pros & Cons

Flipping through magazines one might wonder how attractive the celebrities look with a perfect smile. But they are no different from us, it is the hard-work of dentists on their teeth through veneers which gives them a bright shiny smile.


Veneers are thin porcelain pieces used to enhance the appearance of your tooth. The shape, size, and color of your tooth can be changed with the help of Veneers. As fascinating and appealing a Veneer sounds, it has its pros and cons. The Dentists at Cosmetic Dentistry Gold Coast showcases the following misfits and benefits to spread awareness among the public.



  • Veneers not only help improve your smile but with the feeling of looking better, the self-confidence is also boosted.
  • The natural appearance of veneers makes its hard to believe that they are not real. As the properties of veneers are very similar to natural teeth the look tends to be natural.
  • Staining is not an issue for veneers as they have a glass-like coating which protects them from all kinds of stains.
  • With different types of veneers available, there are a few which have greater longevity compared to others. These type of veneers can last up to 20 years.
  • Veneers are applied to the tooth using an adhesive and this process saves the patient from the hassle of drilling and shaping the tooth.



  • The change of color is applicable only to your original teeth and veneers do not change color. So, unless you have all of your teeth treated with veneer one might notice color difference between the veneer and tooth over a period of time.
  • Because of their delicacy, veneers tend to chip down or crack under severe conditions. For people with nail-biting habits, grinding teeth or eating of ice, veneers are highly unrecommended.
  • Like it is said words once spoken cannot be taken back. Similarly, veneers once attached cannot be removed. It remains glued with the teeth over a long period of time. So, anyone wanting to have them removed cannot do so once the treatment is done.
  • Before the veneers are attached, dentists remove a layer of enamel, which increases the sensitivity of teeth towards cold and hot foods and beverages.
  • Treating your teeth with veneers becomes an expensive decision for those who cannot easily afford it.

With all the listed pros and cons the decision rests with the patient as to how well he can adjust to the consequences of the process along with enjoying the benefits of the same.

The Mermaid Waters Dentist at All Smile Dental Care will assist you with all possible solutions for your dental health in order to have a healthy smile.


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