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Know How Irregular Brushing Is Costing Your Oral Health

“Live healthy, live long”, this motto would encourage you to keep up with your health and exercise daily, but have you considered maintaining your oral health. It is of no less importance than maintaining your overall health. The importance is vital because mouth acts as a gateway to your overall health.

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The dentists at Gold Coast Dental Services advise everyone to brush their teeth at least twice a day to avoid tooth decay way before your old age. What can be more horrifying than a situation like this at an early stage of your life? With regular brushing, you can mitigate the risk of oral diseases.

The habit of irregular brushing can lead to following oral issues


  • Develops cavities. Oh no!

Cavities develop with the reaction of bacteria and the leftover food in your mouth. The process doesn’t take much longer and cavities can start building even if you fail to brush your teeth one single day.

  • Affects the immune system

The food you intake goes through your mouth and thus bacteria present there can also be transmitted to your body. A study by a few dentists concluded that people who did not maintain their oral health contracted to diseases more often than those who were conscious about their oral health.

  • Tooth loss

Worry about your oral health if you don’t want to look weird without a tooth or two. Losing your teeth too early might make you look older, in fact, way older than your age. Both gum disease and cavities can lead to tooth loss as the bone holding your teeth weaken due to insufficient care given to them.

  • Bad breath

Ever wondered why does your mouth smell bad in the morning? Well, the food that settles in your mouth for long starts to stink which affects your breath. This causes to develop an infection in your mouth and embarrassing stinky breath.

  • Diabetes

Poor oral hygiene can cause one to contract to diabetes because irregular brushing can lead to a reduction in insulin resistance which is also termed as pre-diabetes. In this situation, your ability to sustain insulin in the body reduces leading to which you can suffer from diabetes.

  • Beware! You might damage your brain

Infections in the mouth can develop to put a negative impact on brain tissues. The brain abscess can be caused due to a tooth abscess, which leads to swelling of the brain if proper care is not taken on time.

  • Pregnancy issues

Improper oral hygiene of a mother can cause to develop cavities in the child’s mouth. It can also lead to premature birth and weight issues, though no sound proof has been obtained regarding these two, it is said the bacteria of mouth transmitted through mother’s body can affect the child’s health.

Dentists of Mermaid Waters have medically proven results for the above mentioned oral problems and reflect their concern by providing a list of the same.


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