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Teach your Kids How They Can Maintain Dental Hygiene with Braces

Braces help in correcting a number of orthodontic problems in kids such as overcrowded teeth, overlapping, crooked, etc. Braces make the teeth look good aesthetically and it also improves the alignment, but with this, it also makes it difficult to perform a basic routine task of brushing and keeping the oral cavity free. Taking good […]

Ignoring Toothache? Know Its’ Misfits

Most of us are very careless when it comes to taking care of our dental part. Especially when its a toothache, it is something all of us tend to ignore at first. But, never do that. When you are ignoring the toothache, you might make a huge mistake. There are a lot of misfits that […]

Highly Ignored Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Oral hygiene is something that is highly important for the overall development of the person. It is not only important to keep the teeth white and breath fresh, but it also helps preventing serious gum and tooth issues like cavities.

How Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health?

Maintaining the dental health is something that is taught to us since we are toddlers. It is really very important to maintain the regular oral health routine in order to make sure that there is no disturbance in the dental health. Maintaining the regular oral health routine will help you prevent cavities and improve your […]

Worried About Tooth Sensitivity? Go For Treatment

Tooth sensitivity is created due to the exposure of dentin. Dentin is a part of tooth that covers the nerve, in many ways like loss of enamel layer or due to recession of the gums. This can cause due to the changes in the temperature or due to the intake of certain foods that contain […]

Get Your Smile Back with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Breaking of teeth is a general problem, whether by any natural cause or by a severe accident or may be a fight with someone. Tooth are needed to be removed at various times. In such situations, there are various dental solutions that can be practiced in order to get your smile back. At All Smiles […]

Why You Should Replace Your Brush Every Three Months?

It is great if you replace your toothbrush every three months as many of us are obedient with our dentists. But, as coin has two sides, there might be many people who don’t replace their toothbrush every three months. Dentists at All Smiles Dental Centre, cosmetic dentistry Gold Coast, have put together some reasons why […]

Protect Your Teeth With All Smiles Dentist Of Mermaid Waters

The decay of tooth can seriously damage your teeth and after few period of time, you can even face periodontitis. According to Mermaid waters dentist This may result in the removal of teeth. But hold on, you can protect your teeth from the damages which acquired in your past. A habit of grinding teeth and misaligned […]

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