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Teach your Kids How They Can Maintain Dental Hygiene with Braces

Braces help in correcting a number of orthodontic problems in kids such as overcrowded teeth, overlapping, crooked, etc. Braces make the teeth look good aesthetically and it also improves the alignment, but with this, it also makes it difficult to perform a basic routine task of brushing and keeping the oral cavity free. Taking good care of braces becomes mandatory for kids. With braces, to take care of oral hygiene becomes important and requisite.

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Here are few steps that can help your kids maintain oral hygiene:

  • Correct Way Of Brushing Teeth With Braces

The important advice given for children with braces by mermaid waters dentist  is to brush their teeth after every meal. If they brush their teeth four times a day, then there is nothing great than that. There is a specific process to brush the teeth for kids with braces, that is recommended by every dentist. The brush should be held parallel to the floor against the side of the teeth and should be moved in a small circular motion.

  • Flossing Teeth With Braces

Flossing is really important to do after brushing your teeth, every night. Even if it seems like all food particles have been brushed away, but braces are known for trapping food in places that are hard to reach. To floss properly around wires, “threader floss” is used. This type of floss has a stiff end that permits flossing between brackets. It is advisable for your kids to visit the dentist once in a month to floss their teeth properly, you can get the best floss service at gold coast dental services.

  • Food To Avoid With Braces

Hard and sticky food should be avoided. This kind of food can break or damage wires and brackets. Food items containing high sugar increases the risk for cavities. Kids should avoid their habit of chewing pencil or nail-biting while they are wearing braces. Food items like toffee, caramel, gummy bears, peanut butter, etc must be avoided to keep children’s teeth and braces clean.

  • Wearing Rubber Bands With Braces

Some of the kids need to wear rubber bands at the end of their braces, to keep their upper and lower teeth together. The most important thing to be taken care of is that the rubber band should be taken off when the child is having food. You also need to remove it while your child is brushing his teeth. The rubber band should be changed daily to keep the oral hygiene.

  • Mouthwash, Toothpaste, and Toothbrushes

It is recommended for kids to use mouthwash twice a day to rinse around the brackets for about a minute. Mouthwash helps in cleaning the tiny spaces between teeth, where food particles may be trapped.

There is no need to use specific toothpaste, but the toothpaste containing comprehensive protein will help you maintain optimal oral health.

The toothbrush which has soft bristles is best. Using power toothbrush is highly encouraged.

These are few tips given by gold coast dental services to teach your kids to maintain their braces and keep their oral hygiene. Help your kids in creating good habits for future to ensure that their teeth will be healthy long after the braces come off.


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