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Dental Crowns – Dental Bridges

Restore your smile with dental crowns or dental bridges

Tooth decay can severely damage teeth, and can even result in the removal of teeth and periodontitis. Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges are utilised to protect your teeth from further damage before you require an extraction. Having an misaligned bite, or a habit of grinding teeth and general age are other contributing factors to tooth decay. When your teeth are weakened by decay or injury one of our dentists may choose to install a protective dental crown or dental bridge to safely cover the tooth and restore healthy mouth functions.

Dental Crowns

Used in both restorative and cosmetic procedures, dental crowns are porcelain shells which cover damaged teeth and prevent further damage. Porcelain is considered the most aesthetically pleasing option for a dental crown, as it easy to make a match on the colour of your surrounding teeth giving you that beautiful, natural smile. The original tooth is filed down so that the crown can fit seamlessly on top. Sometimes referred to as ‘caps’ Dental Crowns can be used to replace a missing tooth with the support of your existing teeth and a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges

A Dental Bridge are porcelain teeth which are fixed to the adjacent teeth via crowns. These ensure that your teeth do not move from position in the mouth, thus preserving your smile and self-confidence. The Dental Bridge procedure is used to replace one or more missing teeth.

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