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Dentures in Mermaid Waters

Fix a ‘gappy’ mouth with removable dentures

Dentures are tailored to your mouth and teeth so that your smile looks immaculate. Full or partial dentures can restore your smile, your chewing ability and your speech not to mention your confidence!

What is a Denture?

A denture is an appliance that replaces teeth.

How are Dentures made?

Many rely on some of your remaining natural teeth to help keep them in. Your natural teeth were never designed to help support a denture. In most cases, some minor modification of your natural teeth would be desirable to improve the comfort and durability of your denture. Your dentist has the required training to be able to modify your teeth to ensure the highest quality removable denture is constructed around your natural teeth.

What is the difference between a Denture and a Crown or Bridge?

A crown or a bridge is fixed or cemented in place and cannot be removed. Removable dentures are those that the wearer can remove and replace at will. These types of dentures can replace one tooth, all your natural teeth, or any number of missing teeth in between.

How often should I have my Dentures checked?

If you currently wear removable dentures of any kind, it is advisable that you have these checked regularly or as directed by your Dentist.

Dentures, The Perfect Fit…

When getting removable dentures it is imperative that you get the right fit for your mouth. Our friendly staff will work hard to ensure you have flawless, natural looking dentures which look exactly like normal teeth.

Dentures or Dental Implants?

If you are comparing our dentures or dental implant procedure we can sit with you and discuss your options to discover which restorative treatment suits your smile, budget and lifestyle most appropriately.

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